Monday, February 10, 2014

Choice Trumps Everything

My position on the times we live in is that is that there are far and few people that have solid consistent belief systems that are grounded in a logical, critically engaged, and even intuitive philosophical foundation. More and more people decide to let others do their thinking for them. This goes hand and hand with the new age pop psychology of if it feels go do it and if it doesn't leave it alone. Thinking critically takes hard work and the strain of it is far too often too much for people of our age. What prompted me to write this piece was a post I read myself from Rozann Carter of the Word On Fire Blog titled Country Music and the Casey Decision.  I had recently viewed Kacey Musgraves youtube video of her song  "Follow Your Arrow." Similar to what Rozann had thought I felt that this is yet another case of not thinking about things but just doing what ever feels good. This gets to the core of what I believe is the mantra of our age: CHOICE TRUMPS EVERYTHING. It matters not whether you choose the wrong path what matters is it's your choice. Freedom is narrowly defined as being able to choose. Of course in the age of relativism where nothing is absolutely true, your choice is as good as anybody's. But as Rozan points out " Shaping behavior according to an objective "Good" loses appeal in a world where "you might as well do whatever you want." I'll end here by saying two things: learn to think on your own and remember that your choice doesn't just affect you and there is a correct choice - doing good.