Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Matters in Life

The purpose of my writings here in this blog has been to express my thoughts, hopes and dreams about my Catholic faith and doing so in my own words. I have given the utmost effort not to go too deep in a theological vein. It should come off as an adult man in his early 60's speaking about life, faith and spirituality as he sees it. I have a pretty long history of studying God and the mystical aspects of religion, the Church and her liturgy, people and their behavior, and the most important philosophical question: why the hell are we here? I live a pretty simple life as I see it, I'm not into anything on a grand scale. I love gardening, running, cooking, reading, and spending time with my family. I am not at this very moment doing any evangelical work, teaching, or volunteering. The intent here is to make one think. And to hopefully move one to some kind of action. The pendulum of life and it's meaning has been swung so far in the direction of indifference and ignorance that I feel at times it is incumbent upon me to try to instill a sense of seriousness into one's life. There are some things that matter and these important ideas should be discussed, examined and implemented into one's personal philosophy. What makes my ideas important? Well first off they come from a long life of thinking and reading and investigation. They are also ideas from many great thinkers and from Jesus Christ who was the most important teacher in the history of mankind. I think life matters, what you do, what you think, how you act, how you treat others, how you think of yourself, how you think of God, and what you think of God matters. It means something, just like love means something. Love is real and can bring out within us all the full range of emotions. Love is not frivolous, and meaningless, and not something that doesn't move us or carry us away. Love cannot be ignored, and nor should it be. The starting point to understanding life and it's meaning comes from understanding this. God exists, he matters, you matter to Him, and what you think, say, and act matter, in fact more than anything else external to you.

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