Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anniversary of Pope John XXIII's Death

On June 3, 1963 - Pope John XXIII passed away.

Pope John XXIII was only Pope for less than five years yet he will always bee known as the Pope who convened the opening of the Second Vatican Council. I was ten years old at the time but even then I could sense the excitement. I recall the Holy Pontiff as being jovial and very pious. I must confess that I was very excited that his successor was Pope Paul VI since my name was Paul. This is a link to a good biography of Pope John XXIII You can also link to his encyclicals:
Mater et Magistra, which was issued in 1961 to commemorate the anniversary of Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum. Pacem in Terris, advocating human freedom and dignity as the basis for world order and peace, came out in 1963.

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