Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Father Robert Barron - My Take: Why Christians should pray for Chistopher Hitchens

Father Robert Barron has written an excellent piece posted on CNN.com regarding atheist and "religion-basher" Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and Father Barron following the Gospel of Jesus writes
" I confess I began to wonder whether, despite his brassy atheism, Mr. Hitchens didn’t have a good deal of sensitivity to things religious."

'This was on my mind when word came out last week that Hitchens was suffering from esophageal cancer, a particularly aggressive and unforgiving form of the disease. I realize that certain believers couldn’t resist the temptation to see in this misfortune the avenging hand of God: the one who for so long blasphemed God was now getting his just reward."

But it’s always a very tricky business to interpret the purpose of the divine providence. After all, plenty of good, even saintly, people die prematurely from terrible diseases all the time, and lots of atheists and vile sinners live long prosperous lives before dying peacefully in their beds."

" Christopher Hitchens is undoubtedly the enemy of Christianity—even of Christians—but he is also a child of God, loved into being and destined for eternal life. Therefore, followers of Jesus must pray for him and want what is best for him."

I applaud Father Barron for being an example of what a priest is - in persona Christi. We can reject the ideas of those we disagree with but we can never reject the person, themselves. That is the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father hear our prayers for Christopher Hitchens that he may receive healing and comfort and the love of your Son Jesus, as well as to all his family members and those who and love him.

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The Little Way said...

None of us would ever want to see a fellow human being and child of God suffer, nor would any faithful Christian take delight in a non-believer being stricken with such a dire illness. We should pray not only for Christopher Hitchens to get well physically, but most importantly, spiritually. May he come to see the error of his ways and return to the good God who loves him, even if that love is not returned. God Bless Father Barron.