Monday, January 25, 2010

Conversion is a Daily Event

I, Paul a slave to Christ. Conversion is a daily event in the life of a Christian.

Pope John Paul II wrote " All humans beings are thus confronted with their condition as sinners and with their need for for penitence and conversion. The Christian faith reminds us that this pressing call to reject evil and do good is a gift of God, from Whom comes all that is good in the life of man. Everything has its origin in the gratuitous initiative of God, Who created us for joy and orients all things towards true goodness"

Conversion is quite frankly not as dramatic as it was for Saul on the way to Damascus. It comes in increments with each day bringing forth faith opportunities that either we seize upon through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or we fail to recognize it and so it goes. My goal in life is to be slave to Christ.

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