Friday, January 8, 2010

The God of Love

I will offer praise in the great assembly; my vows I will fulfill before those who fear him.
The poor will eat their fill; those who seek the LORD will offer praise. May your hearts enjoy life forever!"

All the ends of the earth will worship and turn to the LORD; All the families of nations will bow low before you.

For kingship belongs to the LORD, the ruler over the nations.

All who sleep in the earth will bow low before God; All who have gone down into the dust will kneel in homage.

And I will live for the LORD; my descendants will serve you.

The generation to come will be told of the Lord, that they may proclaim to a people yet unborn the deliverance you have brought. Psalm 22: 26-32
Every thing we do, each act in itself can proclaim God's glory. Life is for living, there are no moments, nothing that we do that cannot reveal God's perfect love. Our goal is to answer this question: Can we find God amidst the turmoil in our live, in the places where we would least expect Him? Can we grow in faith, hope & love and bring the God of love to all we encounter?

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Yes, we can!

Actually, I came here for another reason, but I enjoyed your post and wanted to register a comment at least. The reason I came is that you gave me some excellent advice a while ago about an elderly friend whose life I thought was being compromised. I followed the advice, and bravo, she is getting good care now, and I no longer worry. I mentioned it on my post today if you would like to read the details: I also linked here in appreciation for your knowledgeable help and kindness in sharing your knowledge.