Friday, January 15, 2010

The Lord of All Things

Belief in God for many people has become an external notion. By that I mean God is allotted the same value and significance as any any other thought, person, idea, or concept in the universe of man. Because God's place is not in its proper position, for many as a choice He's not very appealing, He's not visible, He's not relevant. Young people become disinterested the moment His name is brought up. This is the very heart of what action must be taken to evangelize this latest generation. In the battle versus the Evil One, (who surely has their attention) we must be convincing in first establishing God's prominence that He is Lord of all things. He has been greatly diminished in this world, sort of like changing the screen resolution on a computer monitor where at the point you the letters are too small to read. We must make God in the person of Christ, larger and more significant in peoples lives. This can be done by a) proclaiming God daily to those you encounter and reinforcing His Lordship and Dominion over the entire cosmos, b) encouraging prayer and establishing the need to make prayer a part of one's life, c) being Christ like in everything we do, diminishing oursselves and displaying the beauty and love of Jesus, who is hope for all.

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