Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life's Journey

All & everything that is meaningful can be seen as the Way to the Cross. Since creation's journey began its first leg, man has been in a sense taking the small steps that lead us to the Heavenly Banquet, but along the Way we must suffer. There is a parallel journey of all of human history, with the journey that each one of us takes. Life is a slow walk towards the Cross. We feel the weight of the Cross every day, we thirst, we hurt, we stumble, we hear voices that fade in and out, we are inside Christ's head, and ache from the Crown of Thorns. Each day means that we will feel the pain of those who strike us, each slow and tiresome day we make it out of bed and give to the world our life as Christ gave His. Yet it is our choice to be married to history, our brethren and Christ united, but our movements are slow, sometimes unnoticeable. The saddest thing about humanity and the modern world we live in is that there are many who don't know of this journey and there are those who refuse to join Christ. They are those who are lost in darkness, without a reference point, no history where they came from, no map or road to where there going. They too move slowly but without The Way they give no glory to the Creator and there souls will be lost forever. All & everything in the universe finds its purpose in the Cross. We must convince each person that in dying like Christ, there is life.

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