Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Prayer of Fatima is a Prayer for Today

On this day 102 years ago Luicia Santos and her two cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto first encountered the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the official position of the Catholic Church private revelations do not form part of the deposit of faith and its members are not bound to believe in any of them. Yet for many the story of three shepherd children and there visions of Mary is both inspirational and comforting that in God's mysterious ways we are able to witness the wonders of Heaven and earth. It is also instructional, for Mary warns the world of our sinfulness, our pride, greed, the evils of war, abortion and the lack of respect for human life. Living the life as her Son, Jesus would have us do is as pertinent today as ever as the world strays from Him and His commandments. We have become so wise in 2009 that we don't consider God necessary and that things like miracles and apparitions are only for those with foolish minds. The message of our faith is and always will be a message of hope, for Christ is hope eternal. If the things of this world look bleak and disheartening, we know that for those who believe awaits eternal life. Oh God, I do believe, I do adore, I do trust, and I do love You. And I beg pardon, for all those, who do not believe, who do not adore, who do not trust and who do not love You. Amen.

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