Friday, May 1, 2009

Mary, The Perfect Mother

Any good Catholic knows that May is the Month of Mary. Mary represents all that is good in motherhood and it is naturally fitting that Mothers Day comes this month. I can only speak from what I have observed as a child growing up in a family of seven and as a father of four children, mothers have a capacity beyond the boundaries of human imagination. Mary's Magnificat enabled the Divine to join the human race and thus fulfill the salvific plan. A good mother says yes every day. From the yes of enduring her pregnancy, to yes of childbirth. Mothers say yes while holding, feeding, and gently rocking their child to sleep. Mothers say yes when they console a crying child, watch them go off for the first day of school, share they disappointments and successes. Mothers say yes to the pain of rejection so often in the misunderstood adolescent years. Mothers love like Mary did, with a perfect undying love, right up to the pain of the cross. That is why we exalt them. We could not do it without them. We hold in our heart the love and respect that they so much deserve. Mary embodied all of that, she was the perfect imitator of Christ, never seeking her will, but rather the will of the Father. God came down to earth and by doing so elevated motherhood and family.

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