Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Cure de' Ars

Do you know what the Devil’s first temptation is to the person who wants to serve God with dedication? It is human respect.”

"Avarice is like a pig which seeks its food in the mud, without caring where it comes from."

"I throw myself at the foot of the Tabernacle like a dog at the foot of his Master."

"Every Consecrated Host is made to burn Itself up with love in a human heart,"

“St. Francis de Sales, that great saint, would leave off writing with the letter of a word half-formed in order to reply to an interruption.”

" Leave a village without a priest for twenty years and they will worship animals"

"We have not deserved to pray - but God, in his goodness, has permitted us to speak with Him."

"When we pray with attention, with humility of mind and of heart, we quit the earth, we rise to Heaven, we penetrate the Bosom of God, we go and converse with the angels and the saints."

"It is a beautiful thought, my children, that we have a sacrament that heals the wounds of our souls!"

"In Heaven, faith and hope will exist no more for the mist which obscures our reason will be dispelled...But love; oh we shall be inebriated with it! we shall be drowned, lost in that ocen of divine love, annihilated in that immense charity of the Heart of Jesus! so that charity is a foretaste of Heaven."

"To love the good God with our whole heart is to prefer Him to love nothing that is incompatible with the love or God. To love the good God with our whole mind is to think of Him often, and to make it our principle study to know Him well...To love the good God with all our strength. is to employ our possessions, our health, and our talents, in serving Him and glorifying Him. It is to refer all our actions to Him, as our last end.."

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