Saturday, May 29, 2010

Graduation Day at LSU Law Shool

Yesterday marked an historic day in our family. our daughter graduated from LSU Law School. My sister and her husband came down from Massachusetts for the occasion. The commencement speaker was none other than Mr. James Carville, political pundit and LSU Law Graduate (1973). Mr. Carville has been quite vocal about the president's lack of action regarding the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and BP's (British Petroleum) haphazourds approach to mending the situation. Mr. Carville was his usual entertaining self and gave a very good commencement speech. We are so very proud of our daughter who graduated cum laude and is now preparing for the bar exam in July. She has always been quite remarkable in her work ethic and approach to her education, and her success has been proof of that. We gathered after the commencement and Mr. Carville was kind enough to mingle with the crowd. My sister snapped this picture of him and I. He must of thought I was someone important because he talked with me quite extensively about what we should do to BP. It certainly is a day I won't forget. My daughter expressed her sadness over finishing her academic career at LSU. She loved LSU and has many fond memories. I pray for her happiness as she embarks on her career.

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