Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Invitation

"Follow me." The first act by Jesus to his disciples is an invitation. The word invitation denotes something that most of us can identify with: being included for something special. It seems that those very important, highlighted moments of our lives call for invitations. Before we were born perhaps a baby shower announced our coming. This is followed by a child's first birthday and invitations to the subsequent birthday parties. We mark the accomplishments and educational milestones with graduations and extend an invitation to family and friends to join in celebrating it with us. Any bride-to-be knows how important it is to planning and getting out the wedding invitations. Who doesn't react with joy when an invitation shows up in the mail? An invitation says two things: I consider you important, and I wish you to be included. The Creator invites His creation. This in of itself reveals who God is. He considers us important and even more so desires us, yes desires, us to be included. In my conversations with young people I try o emphasize what that means. We are called to be lifted from the banality of our human existence to the supreme beauty and goodness of the Divine. If one truly desires something new and exciting, something out of this world, then accept the invitation, for as Jesus said "with God nothing is impossible." This invitation is not to a club that has a"members only" sign on the door. It is for everybody: the poor, the wealthy, those in pain, those who have joy, and those who have lost hope. The door is large enough for all of us to pass through. Jesus asks "won't you join me?" We are that important to Him.

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