Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Belongs to Mary

May to Belongs to Queen Mother Mary. Mary and motherhood are inextricably woven together. Motherhood in modern times by many has been reduced to this 9-15 month inconvenience. The time when women have to take time off from their real profession until the child is 6 months old or so when they are able to return to work. Then motherhood becomes a job of handing off the child to daycare, to school, and to the world of work. This hassle is usually limited to one to two children lest they burden themselves financially. We sometimes forget that Mary living in the ancient world had to bear much hardship in caring for her son. Fra Angelico's painting reminds us of the long journey to Egypt to escape Herod's wrath. There is no greater vocation for married women than motherhood. It is a life that models Christ in every aspect. Birthing a child is an act of self giving, a mother subjects her self to great pain and suffering to bring forth new life to the world. A mother shares in her child's joys and disappointments. A mother is a teacher, and guide. A mother has to discipline and console. After years of sacrificing, a mother relinquishes her child to world as an adult (hopefully). God through Mary elevated motherhood to an even higher position. Have you ever considered this: why did God choose to become man and live in a family? Why not appear as an adult and get on with his three year ministry, death & resurrection? Why? Could it be that He lived in a family already (The Holy Trinity), and that a family is a sacred institution. Mary was chosen over all the women, in all of the world, in all of history and time. God chose her and her only. What an honor! Mary chooses us to share her son with us, her son whom no one knew more intimately - what an honor for mankind and for motherhood. May belongs to Mary. He chose her to breast feed him, to clean him up, to feed him, to clothe him, to care for him when he was ill, to teach him, to show him love, to be his mother.Mary Queen of Peace, Pray for us.

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