Friday, May 21, 2010

The Leg of a Journey

Nearly six months ago I embarked on a new career path. This marked a new chapter in my life, something that I had discerned about for sometime. In trying to live my Catholic faith to the fullest and to give to others I saw a problem with my life. I was devout, I was prayerful, I lived a sacramental life, I read Sacred Scripture, frequented Eucharistic Adoration, but due to my responsibilities to my own business I had little time in community with others. I was the "clanging cymbal" that St. Paul describes in Chapter 13 in his letter to the Corinthians. I had decided to get involved in a ministry that would get me out among people, so I became a volunteer at a Catholic Hospital as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Each week I would spend a couple of hours bringing Communion to the sick. It has been an a wonderful and humbling experience and I have received countless blessings from it. That was three years ago. This past January after embarking on a Master's Degree in Theology, I became a school teacher. Its has been a wonderful experience and I was blessed to be with an incredibly kind, helpful, gracious and generous staff and wonderful colleagues, my fellow teachers. I made many mistakes but I survived! I have a new profound respect for teachers and the job they do. The joy that I experience each and every day in the classroom trying to impart the Faith to those young people has truly been a blessing. God always has been so good to me. In my heart I thank all those marvelous people and pray that they have a happy and holy summer. God Bless.

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