Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why This is So Important!

Father Robert Barron speaks in the following video about trends in religion in our country. The "category" with the most increase in numbers is not atheists, not Catholics or Protestants. The "category" that has increased from 8% to 15 % of Americans is the category of "none". That is that these people believe in God or Jesus Christ but do not associate themselves with a specific church. Where are these numbers coming from? Main stream Protestants. Why? Because if you choose to accept into your faith-practices everything the secular world throws at you, you in essence become the secular world. So if immorality, homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, anything goes, let's feel good, make the congregation happy type of church evolves, we get a church that it means nothing to belong to it. We as Catholics, especially we in the laity, have a responsibility to point out to the world and especially the youth of the world what the truth of the Church is. We should not be in the business of making the Catholic Church a "feel good" church. One thing that bothers me immensely is this prevalent attitude that young people can miss Mass, ignore their Sunday obligation and no one seems to care about it. Shrugging one's shoulder and saying "yea we have a problem" is not standing for the truth of the Catholic Church. It is surrendering to the secular world and will lead Catholics to becoming members of the "none" category. We must stand in the gap and be a voice against the immoral, godless, relativism of the secular world or we will lose those young people. See what Father Barron says at about the 5:45 mark.

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