Monday, June 8, 2009

By What Authority

The History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E and Biography Channels have for years been producing documentaries about God, the Church, Jesus Christ, the saints and the popes. Their marketing department has told them that there are a great deal of Christians out there in tv land who are interested in knowing this stuff. True to their audience they give them what they want. I have noted that these programs show up in droves during Holy Week and Easter and at Christmastime. They parade out programs like "Who Jesus Really Is" "The Truth Behind Jesus" and then proceed to tell us from a purely secular prospective their interpretation of Christ's life. They are very good in how they weave the truth with their beliefs. They always point out what Christians believe and purporting they support theses beliefs. Then comes the "so called experts" BEWARE MY FRIENDS FOR SO CALLED EXPERTS. Their qualifications are a. ex-Catholics, b. have grudge with the Church, c. prominent Protestants who have grudge with Church or anti-Catholic, or atheists who think Christians are a bunch of people living in a fairy tale. One such SO CALLED EXPERT is Gary Wills. Mr. Wills is a virtual expert on everything Catholic. The secular media loves to drag this guy out every time there's something going on. He wrote a scathing book on Pope Pius IX, criticizing him for his actions during the reign of terror by Hitler and his Nazi's. His book was refuted by Rabbi David G. Dalin in the book The Myth of Hitler's Pope. Mr. Wills has written books with these authoritive titles "What Jesus Meant", "What Paul Meant" and "What The Gospels Meant". To date no one has written a book on "What Gary Wills Meant" In the video on the Papacy produced by the A&E Biography, he lends his expertise, with comments on the various popes, then tells us how the Church has it wrong regarding homosexuality and gay marriage. "They are just off the mark" according to Mr. Wills. BEWARE OF SO CALLED EXPERTS. Just for the record SO CALLED EXPERTS have been advising us about things like the necessity of the Iraq war, the stock market, Fannie Mae, the economy, education, disasters, crime, and a myriad of things that they got wrong, and/or are getting worse. I personally don't care about secular SO CALLED EXPERTS. I do care about people like Gary Wills, he is entitled to his opinion, I give him that much, but he has no authority in the Church's teachings, none, zero, nada. Gary Wills has an agenda and an axe to grind and dozens of secular outlets that will give him an opportunity. His goal is one of tearing down and planting seeds of doubt. Gary Wills is all about Gary Wills and not about Jesus Christ and the Good News of Salvation.

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