Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Moral Compass

If you watch or read the news on any given day you will see human beings committing some of the most atrocious acts of immorality upon each other. There was a man who hired someone on Craigslist to rape his wife. This was for his own sexual pleasure while the violent act took place. How do we develop human beings like that? If we flash back to their wedding day, did this man even have a clue what his vows meant. What lessons did he learn about marriage and responsibility and manhood and morality, while he was growing up? I think it's very easy to chalk this up to an evil and perverted mind, but I don't think that's the case. He had some sense of order in his life, a computer which he knew how to surf the internet, he knew what Craigslist was, he did get married, so obviously he recognized and believed that it was important. How about Bernie Madoff, who scammed people of billions of dollars? He was obviously very intelligent, amiable and personable. He was even a philanthropist, giving money to various charities, this was a part of his scheme, to project an certain image. Was Mr. Madoff absent the day that they taught that cheating & lying to people was immoral. Mr. Robert Allen Stanford did not concern himself with those retired couples who would eventually lose their retirements after putting faith in investing in his company. Again how did he deal with that? Surely he had to have had a conscience of some sort. One could even attribute our current economic disaster to greed - from the producers and the consumers. People who put faith in secular institutions like the government or the president better beware. It is apparent that these institutions are not beholden to any kind of moral code. Money, power and control are what is important to them. They can appear very intelligent, personable and amiable. They can tell you what you what you would like to hear. They may be Ivy League educated, but as Leo Buscgalia once wrote something to this effect, and I am paraphrasing. There were many highly intelligent, college degreed, doctors, professionals, educators and the like who stood by or assisted with Hitler's evil in Auschwitz and other death camps. This all brings me this point. Without faith in God, who is the final arbiter of Justice, without a moral & ethical code to live by, without a spiritual compass and barometer by which one guides one's life, the door is wide open for Satan to take over. There are far too many things to entice oneself. Far too many opportunities for Satan to deceive into believing that wealth, power, fame, lust and pleasure are more important than human beings and can be attained at any cost regardless of the consequences. The United States is paying for its investment in the secular world with its disregard for the Creator and message of Jesus Christ. The prophets of the Old Testament warned of the consequences, and they were laughed at or chastised or worse. Pray for our country, for conversion, for strength and courage to do what is right.

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