Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Love

Do we really consider who God is? I think not when I hear of the limitations placed on Him and the way people think of Him. Let's consider a few things: God is pure spirit, not comprised of matter, He cannot be broken up or divided or have any part of Him subtracted from Him. Conversely, nothing can be added to Him, He is perfect in the truest sense of perfection. I believe that He deposited within His creation (us) the ability to comprehend, perhaps in a way that is only on one level, what perfection is. When we recognize something that is beautiful we are in essence seeing God. Everything that exists , exists because of Him, nothing exists without Him. God always existed, He always was, the name Yahweh which He said was His name translates I am. God needs nothing, unlike us. God is a Creator or rather the Creator. God created man in His image and likeness. That in itself tells you something. God who does not need you, still decided to create you. Why? I believe the reason is this: God is true love, perfect love and perfect love can do one and only one thing, give itself away. Perfect love can only be shared it cannot be kept. God created us because He is love, not the definition of love, not the essence of love, not the feeling of love. God is love and in His love He desires one thing to give Himself to us. There are no strings attached. Oh we can reject His love, run from it, deny it, but one thing we cannot do is prevent it. What would perfect love desire you to do with the Love he has for you? One and only one thing, share it with others. We couldn't quite figure that out so He sent us His son to show us. In everything we do our purpose is to give glory to God by perfecting the love we have, to be closer to the love He has. That is the reason we wake up every morning

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