Monday, June 29, 2009

Mene, Tekel, Peres

Has America seen the writing on the wall? Ask yourself this question "Who brought on the current economic situation that millions of Americans wake up to"? The answer is you and me and just plain greed. The secular world has given up on what was the good life. A life based on prudence, justice, temperance piety, civility, and humility. The new definition of the good life is no longer defined by being but rather by doing. You are defined by wealth; where you live, the car you drive, the clothing you wear, the career you have, the power you have in controlling others, and what possessions you have. Americans demanded more of that pie, mortgaging everything just to claim a stake in it. Now the house of cards has tumbled and voices are crying out for the government to save them, let us have the good life. In the Book of Daniel, Belshazzar gives a banquet for thousands of his lords with whom he drank. (That must have been a hell of a party). They are using stolen silverware, namely gold & silver vessels that the old King Nebuchadnezzar had taken from the temple in Jerusalem. They start praising the gods of gold & silver (sort of like Bernie Madoff probably did) when God decides to leave the king a message. He literally shows the good king the writing on the wall . It took Daniel to interpret what the Our Mighty Lord has for the party king. He tells him his days are numbered and the kingdom is going be slashed in half and given to his enemies. You can read all this in the Book of Daniel Chapter 5 Has America grabbed for too much and now we are seeing the writing on the wall? Only time will tell.

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