Saturday, April 4, 2009

Be Joined With Him This Holy week

Our journey has come to this point. We take respite for Christ's hosanna on Palm Sunday, before entering in to the darkest and deepest part of the walk. Drop what your doing and join in, witness the Passion in it's fullest, follow His footsteps from Lazarus to Pontius Pilate. See the Crown of Thorns and hear those that mock Him. Feel the pain of the nails driven into His hands. Feel the pain of those who watched and followed Him. Feel the pain of His Blessed Mother whose heart was pierced. Make His journey your journey, see what His eyes saw and perhaps that will help in understanding the price that Jesus paid for you and me and all mankind. Prepare yourself for the Holiest of Holy Weeks. Let the world have the rest of the year, let your heart belong with Christ joined in His Passion and Death.

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