Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holocaust Remembrance

Amy Welborn alerted us to the story of Irena Sendler that played Sunday night on CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame. There was some information about Irena that was provided at the end of the show. First, it was a group of Indiana high school students who discovered her story and brought it to the world some 60 years later. She saved over 2,500 Jewish children smuggling them out of the ghettos risking her life each and every moment. She was caught and tortured, the Germans broke both her feet. She escaped the Germans and after the war dug up a jar she had hid by the apple tree in her yard that had all the names of the children, so they could be returned. Of course most of the parents were murdered by the Nazi's but she still managed to place a majority with surviving relatives. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 at 97 years old. What they didn't mention was of course she was a devout Catholic (as all Poles were and still are) and that she, who saved the lives of over 2,500 children, with the Nazi's watching her every move, lost the Nobel Peace prize to Al Gore. (which makes that prize as useless and meaningless as it could possibly be.)
Here is Glen Beck talking about Irena:

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