Sunday, April 5, 2009

Marked by A Personal Encounter with Jesus

Holy Week is upon us. The pilgrimage that we are to embark on must be marked by a personal encounter with Jesus. The Apostles who shared their lives with Him, who walked the paths with Him, who washed themsleves in the River Jordan, who were present at His healings, at His miracles, at the Sermon on the Mount and at the Last Supper scattered like sheep when He, the Shepard was struck. On our encounter, although we may desire to run away from him because of our sinfulness and our daily failings, let us follow Him all the way to the mystery of the Cross. In that time such a horrible and evil thing happened; that the Creator was put to death by those He created, yet from the torment of the cross came the morning after and an empty tomb. In this time when the torment of immorality, war, violence, sinfulness, abortion, and an empty and spirtually devoid society, is our daily encounter, let us remember to stay with Him . In this encounter we share the cross but also rise with Him. Christ lifts us up from the sinful world and brings us to the Father. In deep repentance we come to Him, seeking His mercy and the hope for eternal life. Who is this King of Glory?

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