Monday, December 21, 2009

Gloria Dei vivens homo

The glory of God is man fully alive.” – St. Irenaeus
I heard this quote from this great Early Church Father several weeks ago and have thought about it for a bit. Here are my thoughts on it: human beings are God's creation, we are comprised of both matter, our physical body, and spirit, our eternal soul. To function fully as a human being we must be living both physically in sound body and mind and spiritually as faithful members of the Mystical Body of Christ. When Jesus came as the Word and dwelt among us, His desire was to do His Father's will and give glory to Him. In becoming man He united the creation with the Creator, thus elevating mankind with the ability to participate in the Divine. Our Catholic faith gives us the greatest opportunity through our sacramental life, through the forgiveness of sins and partaking in the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, to live more fully alive and in doing so give Glory and Honor to God the Father. That is why two things are necessary, first that Christ is always at the center of your being and second that your faith is the perspective by which you live each and every day, to love one another, striving for holiness, serving those who are in need, forgiving those who have wronged us and seeking God's mercy for our sinfullness, doing what is good and righteous and refusing to participate in the things of the world that are contrary to God's commandments.

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Maria said...

“The glory of God is man fully alive.” – St. Irenaeus. Me too. I think it was Fr. Baron. He will leave his mark. It lingers, still, like good perfume.