Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Mary's Yes Really Means

Mary's yes to God on one level is simple to understand. She has acknowledged her role in God's plan for salvation. In a sense it is an affirmative for all humanity. Mary is our personal stake in any redemption possible. Mary is what is right and just, she represents truth. In his disobedience to God, Satan does what all sin does, he rejects God. Satan rejects God on the basis of pride, he wants to be like God. Adam & Eve were our first ancestors, they had a stake not in redemption but in everlasting life. Adam & Eve rejected God also, they were tempted into believing they could be like God too. Mary is obedient and selfless, she desires God's will as her handmaiden. She is the dividing line between what is right and good and what is wrong. She is the "enmity" as described in Genesis. Mary is the perfect example of saintliness and holiness. She draws a line in the sand for all mankind. Satan is still around convincing people everyday that they too can be like God. The secular world rejects God, because of relativity and a belief that there is no Absolute Truth. In that rejection it has chosen Satan as its God. It follows his mantra of "me first - God never." Mary's yes is the banner of Christ, full of truth, humility, obedience and of course full of Grace.

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