Sunday, December 27, 2009

God's Holy Family

The family is the most sacred unit of humanity. God chose the family as the place where he would unite God with man, where Divinity would bond with humanity, were the Creator would dwell with the created. The human family is a prototype of the Divine Family. God the Father is loving his Son, Jesus the Beloved and all united through the Holy Spirit, in a beautiful yet mysterious way in harmony and perfection. The Holy Family; Joseph, Mary & Jesus are the epitome of love and obedience, Joseph quietly allows the salvation mystery unfold before his eyes, his love for Mary, strengthened through God's grace enables him to not to react in a strictly human perspective, seeing only the narrow picture interpreted through the law. He takes Mary as his bride and is obedient to the mystery. Mary hears the news from the angel Gabriel and is at first struck with fear, but obediently gives her Magnificat as "the hand maiden of the Lord." Jesus comes to do the will of the Father, yet is obedient to Joseph and Mary living in his new found family. Family is the source of true human love and understanding. Family is where the bond of trust and faith begins from day one and grows knitting each member together. It is where we endure all our faults, mistakes, misgivings, united in the strength of love, confident that each will be there for one another. The Evil One recognizes this fact and throughout modern times has convinced society that the family is not necessary, using means to isolate, break down, redefine and destroy its very moral fabric. The 20th Century was the testing grounds for re-engineering the family, through death and destruction, and has left the world in a pathetic state. Just check the birth rates in Europe, where societies and cultures will be gone in a matter of a generation or two. Birth control and abortion are Satan's weapons against the family. Remember this though, God will always honor and protect family, no matter what assaults take place. He rests in family as Jesus rested in the arms of Mary and Joseph.

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