Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mary, A Woman for All Seasons

Our Blessed Mother was in the upper room when the Holy Spirit descended upon her and the disciples. The Disciples went forth and began evangelizing but I believe that Mary' s mission was to be a sign to each generation as She carries Christ, she carries His message. She as a good mother knows that to be able to fully receive Him we must be repentant and shed the tangled enticements of the world. In Guadalupe, Mary is present just as the "New World" is about to be developed in North America. She began the odyssey with the message to those who were poor and struggling, God's love manifested in Jesus Christ, there for all mankind.

Dear Virgin of Guadalupe,
Mother and help of all Christians since you appeared to Juan Diego in the mountains of Mexico the problem that torments me I place in your blessed hands, Remember Oh! Blessed Mother that never has it been known that anyone who sought your help was left unaided with confidence, humble, and repentant, full of Love and Hope, this favor I implore. (Mention petition and pray a Hail Mary)...Amen.

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