Monday, February 8, 2010

Begin Now to Make a Good Lent

Our entire Catholic life is guided by seasons. The Jewish people of whom our faith is a descendant of. lived their live in an ordered fashion with each season carefully renewing and reminding the people of their relationship to God in their covenant. We too as Catholics are guided by the "liturgical year" - in other words- what works we are to do in renewing and reminding ourselves of our relationship with God. Our relationship however, is a trinitarian relationship and in particular we are to learn and live the love of God by knowing Jesus and by abiding in Him as He abides in us. Lent brings to each one of us, the unique opportunity to walk with Christ to the hill of Calvary, to share in the mystery of the God Incarnate, who so loved all of us He freely chose death on a cross, so that we may have eternal life. This mystery is both the story of salvation and it is our own personal mystery. The question is two fold: how do I find my way to Calvary and am I willing to carry my cross there. Take this opportunity to plan what you can do to make Lent a person and deep journey so you can get to know Christ and become closer to Him. The Church is the place where we can encounter Christ daily. The Eucharist is the most intimate of encounters. Make going to Mass as much as possible on the top of the list. Over the next few days I will put together a list actions you can take to make Lent fruitful. Don't pass this opportunity up.

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