Friday, February 12, 2010

The Path You Follow

The story boils down to this fact; there are always two people and there are always two paths. Before creation in the great battle in heaven the Evil One sought his own path, one that would eventually lead mankind into a life of suffering, and misery. Those who follow his path are truly lost in every sense of the word, for how could one be more lost when one is not walking with God, who is the light of man and the world. Adam and Eve succumb to the idea that there was another path to God, one that would elevate them to the status of gods themselves, they took the path to East of Eden, and added pain and suffering to their lives and future generations. God continually comes down to us, that is mankind, and instructs us as to where and how to find the path to Him. Historically, man has either rejected God's advice or forgotten it and so we are led astray by the many other worldly things and many other paths. These paths are truly paths of destruction, since only God is the giver of life. Jesus walked a path like us, but his path led him to a cross and all the curses of man, the pain and suffering and misery, were hung on the cross with him. In dying he discovered for all to see a new path to eternal life, the Savior's path. Jesus walked another path, it was the one one the way to Emmaus, and for those fortunate to be there, he gave a great theological lesson, using all of scripture to demonstrate that he indeed was the Messiah. There are but two paths, one leads to life, the other to death, and we are always journeying in one direction or another.

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