Monday, February 1, 2010

In Gratitude for All Creation

My Dearest Lord,
I give thanks to You for all Creation. In its beauty and splendor your creatures catch a glimpse of You. I give thanks for the gift of my life and for all the experiences I have had during my lifetime. The joys and sorrows, the feelings of ecstasy and the painful bumps in the road. The wisdom from getting old and the foolishness of my youth. The triumphs and the failures. I thank you for all the wonderful people who have been a part of my life. I especially thank you for my wife and children and the many blessings you have given our family. In all that I have lived Your gentle touch was ever present carefully guiding this lost soul on his way. I had to learn how to love you. I had to learn how much you cared. I had to surrender the self that I was so attached to, to abandon the silly pride that consumed me. You are the very center of my being, and my soul swells with joy in my love for You. You are the light that illuminates all life and the desire of all my thoughts, in all my days. Your love and mercy are boundless. My soul longs for You my Lord. Please hear my prayer in gratitude.
Your unworthy servant

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