Monday, March 30, 2009

A Cup to Quench Your Thirst

Every year at this time, the movies and the specials on Jesus pop up on the television. Some are wonderful such as Ben Hur, The Greatest Story Ever Told, or Jesus of Nazareth. Then there are the "documentaries" on the History or Discovery Channel, where atheists and ex-Catholics and the like "explain" to us who Jesus really was. Of course all of these documentaries pay lip service to Christ's divinity and His mission with the focus on the politics of the time or whatever slant they can find. I watched Ben Hur a couple of nights ago and the scene in which he is captive and being marched off to become a galley slave is remarkable. He is dying of thirst and when the soldiers stop for a drink, he's denied one. The next scene is one of the most authentic depictions of Jesus in any movie or documentary. Jesus sees the pain and despair in Ben Hur's face as he collapse to the ground crying for help. Jesus fills a cup of water and walks slowly, but assuredly towards Ben Hur. The soldiers want to stop Him but they cannot find it in themselves to do so. The love of Christ is too powerful. He brings him the cup to drink. It is a beautiful scene and truly captures Jesus and who He was. It also speaks to our hearts as to who we should be.

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