Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Wheel of Fortune

"Regno, Regnavi, Sum sine regno, Regnabo": I reign, I reigned, My reign is finished, I shall reign
The current economic crisis reminds us that our fortunes can and often do change. If you are on the merry-go-round of of the secular world's definition of success and you find yourself happy one day and miserable the next maybe it is time to get off. When you are struggling to get to the top it feels good and that hard work is some how justified. At some point you reach that pinnacle and it leaves you with the feeling "is that all there is?" Staying on top is now more work than its worth and so you tumble and again looking to get things back on track. Geometrically speaking you will notice that the outside of the wheel turns and turns but the center is steady with little movement. If we put Christ in the center of our life we too won't find that we are on an up and down ride, high one day and down the next. Rather we will be rooted in the Truth that brings consistency and meaning to our life. When Christ is King, we can never lose our crown. We can only share in His. We can never fall off, only unless we drift to towards the outside. This Lent let us stay focused on Jesus the Redeemer, centering each and every day around Him. Joining Him through the grace of the Sacraments and a prayerful life.

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