Thursday, April 22, 2010

Complete and Utter Fools

The struggle continues but so must my work. I have been reading Furrow by Josemarie Escriva.
It speaks to so many of the things that I feel. Catholicism is treasure and something worth fighting for. We are engaged in a battle with the secular world. Many Catholics have bought into that world and rejected their faith. Others are lukewarm about their faith. Jesus had something to say about being lukewarm.

Here is a passage from Furrow that reflects on how we discard that which has been given to us, our beautiful faith:

"When one thinks clearly about the poor things of this world, and compares them with the riches of life with Christ there is only one plain word, I can’t help thinking, for the road that people choose: stupidity, stupidity, stupidity."

"It is not just that most of us men make mistakes. There is something much worse about us: we are complete and utter fools."

The road of the secular life is the road to foolishness. It is shallow and expedient. It is self serving and self gratifying. It is a life without God, that truly is foolish.

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