Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Does Trust Mean?

Divine Mercy. Have you ever really thought about those words? Divine Mercy. Mercy implies compassion or mitigating punishment. This is a theological precept - God loves us so much that he is ready to dispense with judgment on our foolishness and sinfulness if we will just trust him. One has to be humble to recognize that the universe and all that is in it does not evolve around one's life. We are to take the rightful position and pay homage to the One who occupies the Throne. Proverbs tells us "the fear of the Lord is beginning of wisdom." Trust is what God has been seeking from us since we lived in the lush Garden of Eden. Throughout salvation history He has asked us the question that is the ultimate question,"Who will you trust, me or the world?" The Patriarchs and the Prophets of old posed that question as the story of man unfolded. Are we willing to cross that chasm? Faith is the prerequisite to attaining this Divine Mercy. Today is unlike times of the past, uncertainty, fear, and the temptations of the world bind people to a life unfulfilled. Jesus has reached His pierced hand out to us and asks us to place our trust not on what will perish but on the everlasting Truth and Mercy of Our Loving God.

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