Monday, April 12, 2010

St. Louis de Montfort - The Love of Eternal Wisdom

One my very favorite saints is St. Louis de Montfort. His feast day is later this month on the 28th of April. I will write more about him on that day. He wrote two excellent books: True Devotion to Mary and Secret of the Rosary. I love his writing on Eternal Wisdom. I truly believe that all human knowledge and understanding comes from God. When we learn of a new scientific discovery something that was previously unknown or come to new philosophical insight about something, that is God revealing Himself to man.

On that basis I believe as Montfort did: " that all Wisdom comes from the Cross."
Jesus death is spring by which the waters of wisdom flow.

Here is a portion of his writing on wisdom.:

Wisdom is the teacher of the knowledge of God and director of all his works." Eternal Wisdom alone enlightens every man that comes into this world (Jn. 1:9). He alone came from heaven to teach the secrets of God (Cf. Jn. 1:18; Mt. 11:27; 1 Cor. 2:10). We have no real teacher (Mt. 23:8,10) except the incarnate Wisdom, whose name is Jesus Christ. He alone brings all the works of God to perfection, especially the saints, for he shows them what they must do and teaches them to appreciate and put into practice all he has taught them.

If anyone desires knowledge, eternal Wisdom knows the past and can forecast the future. He understands the subtleties of speech and the lessons of parables. He recognizes signs and wonders and knows all that is going to happen as seasons and ages pass by." If anyone desires to possess a deep, holy and special knowledge of the treasures of grace and nature, and not merely dry, common and superficial knowledge, he must make every effort to acquire Wisdom. Without him, man is nothing in the sight of God, no matter how learned he may appear in the eyes of men. "He will count for nothing" (Wisd. 3:17).

Eternal Wisdom is so rich and generous; how can anyone who possesses him be poor? He is so gentle, attractive and tender; how can anyone who possesses him be unhappy? But among all those who seek eternal Wisdom how many can honestly say with Solomon, "I have resolved to possess him"? The majority of men do not make such a resolution with real sincerity. Their decisions are mere wishful thinking or at best weak and wavering resolves. That is why they never find eternal Wisdom.

St. Gregory has this comment to make on Solomon's self-praise, " Those whom God has chosen to write his sacred words are filled with the Holy Spirit. In a way, they seem to rise above themselves and enter into the very one who possesses them. Thus they become mouthpieces of God himself, for they are concerned with God alone in everything they say, and they speak of themselves as though speaking of someone else."

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