Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sabbatum Sanctum

Holy Saturday calls us to a silent world; a world without Jesus. We must experience his death and absence before we can fully appreciate His rising. Meditate on how his disciples felt alone and afraid, their world totally crushed. This is the darkness before the dawn, a darkness that we may reach in our spiritual life, when God asks us to totally detach from all things, even in a sense to detach from God Himself as did Christ. Powerless and abandoned by God place yourself in the presence of the disciples and Mary. Her heart so wounded, her Love gone. Let the sense of the "emptiness" fill the very core spiritual being. We are sitting on this side of the Resurrection, afraid, alone, in darkness, not certain of what is to come. Silence is the mark of this day. Why did Christ rise on the third day? If not that he wanted us to experience the second day - a day without Him, shrouded in darkness.

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