Friday, April 16, 2010

My Wife, My Love & My Joy

On a beautiful Spring day in 1977, two people with much hope and many dreams walked down the aisle of this church, St, Raphaels in Raleigh, N.C. (pictured to your left) That was the beginning of our journey, the day Kathy and I were married. She has brought to me more joy and happiness than I could have ever imagined. I on the other hand, throughout the years could be compared to a movie in which the plot takes a long time to develop. I took an awful long time to grow up and thank God she had the patience to bear with me. Marriage is a sharing of each day, of each month, of each year. We sojourned through the birth of our four beautiful children, through good economic times and struggles, through joy and pain. In this relationship which has reached 33 years, my wife is truly the "better half."' She is a most beautiful human being in so many ways, and I love her more with each passing day. God choose to take a fool like me and to bring to me my sweet love. I am eternally grateful for that. Happy Anniversary Kathy. I love you.

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