Thursday, April 1, 2010

The True Measure of Faith

Jesus makes all things new and he draws us into what is the essence of God's love - selflessness. The true measure of our faith is not our prayers, or our devotions, it is not whether we receive the sacraments daily, or read scriptures. The true measure of our faith is whether we have died to our old self, become a new creation, and serve others as is the will of God. There is nothing on earth that we are too good for. Jesus sets the bar as high as it can go. He'll have nothing of Peter, who wants to stop Him. In fact he tells Peter "you will have no inheritance with me" Jesus is not too good to wash His disciples feet. We are not too good for any situation in which we are humbled. This emptying of self is at the core of the Christian life. It is not enough to be united in spirit alone we must be united in servant-hood. Christ clearly demonstrates this. We as Catholics are called to this vocation of servant-hood in varying degrees and in those areas where our gifts are most useful. Do what you can to give your gifts to others, empty anything that will hinder your ability to draw nearer to Christ. The union with our Lord is acknowledging that He is one in all things and that there is nothing you need outside of Him, so empty yourself and be a mirror of the love of God to everyone you encounter each and every day.

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