Friday, April 23, 2010

The Lord Knows His Own

In Psalm 23 we see the image of God as one who is leading us:

"The LORD is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.In green pastures you let me graze; to safe waters you lead me; you restore my strength. You guide me along the right path for the sake of your name."

The passage does not start out with the words "the Lord is our shepherd" but rather "the Lord is my shepherd." This implies God is to lead you in your life personally. God knows you better than you know yourself and in seeking His guidance and wisdom, you are making the better choice in how to walk in the path of righteousness and to grow in holiness. The Lord is your spiritual "personal trainer," and in our surrender to His wisdom, we do not put ourselves on "autopilot" and think that all we have to do is show up. A personal trainer is going to demand that you commit to the tasks he asks of you, you will trust him in the instructions and training. In our journey as faithful followers of Jesus Christ we defer to what His calling is for each one of us individually. God is not a one size fits all solution. If you don't believe that just read the Bible. God is a personal God. What He may ask of me may be entirely different than what He may ask of you. I'm speaking of course beyond our obedience to the Commandments, that is the prerequisite to knowing and loving God in any relationship. The paradox of course is that we follow a leader, whom we cannot see or hear as we typically comprehend, but through our faith we will be led by the true Light of our lives whose path is clear and uninhibited.


The Little Way said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog via Father Check's "Seek His Face" and just wanted to comment how beautiful your website is. God Bless!

Paul Bernacchio said...

You are so kind.Please come back or sign up as a follower. God is never more beautiful than when he works with fools like me. Do all things for the greater glory of God!

The Little Way said...

Amen! And added yours to the blogs I follow. Have a blessed day.