Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breaking News: Baby Thrown Out in Trash!!!

It is all over the news a baby was tossed out with the garbage. It is news for one and only one reason.

The baby's mother said it was born alive. We'll have to check with the president-elect to get a ruling on this. Here's the line that says it all: "Whether the child was born is important because Hudson County's prosecutor said a stillborn is not considered a person under New Jersey law." Hello, I've got news for you. Babies have been thrown out with the trash on a rather routine basis. Live babies not stillborn.
Back to my previous post. You have trick yourself into believing that the babies that are murdered in the womb are not babies at all. Stillborn babies remember are not persons, babies intentionally murdered are not persons either. Don't ask a five year old, ask the great state of New Jersey.

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