Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Hope & Salvation

Save me, O God for the waters have come up to my neck
I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold.
I have come into the deep waters;
the floods engulf me.
I am worn out calling for help;
my throat is parched.
My eyes fail,
looking for my God.
Those who hate me without reason
outnumber the hairs of my head;
many are my enemies without cause,
those who seek to destroy me.
I am forced to restore
what I did not steal.
Psalm 69 1-5
But I pray to you, O Lord
in the time of your favor;
in your great love O God,
answer me with your sure salvation.
Rescue me from the mire
do not let me sink.
Psalm 69 13-14
Today's economic times are troubling for so many. It is impossible to endure the day to day stresses of everyday life without anchoring ourselves to someone who will be there for us. The psalmist cry is one of desperation. Yet he recognizes that God is his hope and salvation. Do not despair no matter what lies ahead for you. Trust in God, knowing that he has a plan for you. His promise of hope and salvation will become clear to you at the appointed time. We cannot control some things that happen to us and we may experience pain. Trust that God hears your prayers and knows you and loves you. God Bless

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