Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Response to Astonished, Yet at Home!

There is nothing like a reformed individual. A former alcoholic will tell you of the horror of living that lifestyle. He knows the evil of it and has no problem relating that to you. A reformed sinner like myself knows the consequences of turning from God. I can unequivocally tell you what it means to be a friend of Satan. I tell you what else I am. I am a reformed Northeast Democrat. I know exactly how those people think, exactly! I have lived on both sides, had the vantage point of knowing my enemies. I will address some of the issues in this piece by Astonished, Yet at Home. But first, I will say that I am a Catholic first, and everything else is secondary. I believe in all of the Church's teachings without exception. Jesus Christ is the very center of my life. Here we go. Point# 2. Agree with you on most of this but would add this: I am assuming when you say Pro-Life leaders you are talking about some organizations that support political candidates. The issue that they are proposing is a stop to abortion. It is hard to latch on with any liberal Democratic candidate when their party platform states: the right to choose even if the mother can't pay, choice is a fundamental constitutional right, pursue embryonic stem cell research at all costs, support cloning, support any type of birth control, and now it's leader is ready remove all and any barriers to abortions. The political battlefield is imperfect, we cannot find the candidate that meets all the requirements. Some Republicans work for the poor, are against the war, against pornography and indecency, but not all. The Democrats have on their camp the Hollywood leftists who desire to break down all morals, destroy the family, and yes destroy the Catholic Church. They hate the Catholic Church. Point 3. is irrelevant, its politics, Protestant Christian leaders are just that, Protestant. Point 4. Justice Scalia not an ally to end abortion? Point 5. Again the political arena makes that necessary. Point 6. Anybody who believes that Obama is going to reduce abortions is an idiot. Point 7. We got John McCain for our choice what the hell else are we suppose to do. Obama will prove to be Satan's right hand man after all is said and done. Point 8. See Point 6 rebuttal. Point 9. I am not a big fan of Sarah Palin after all she left the Catholic Church, she can't be that smart. Please name me this idyllic candidate you want because I don't see him or her out there. Point 10. Bush was an idiot for starting this war but Bush stood his ground when it came to embryonic stem cell and other pro life issues. Point 11-15 .The Democrat Party is pro-abortion and there ain't nobody gonna change that! Point 16. We need better candidates but a. our system of election politics prevents that and b. trying to run on a platform where a small majority is your constituency is a losing proposition. 18 -20. Agree We have to change minds, hearts and souls by being an example of Jesus Christ, who by the way didn't lobby the Roman government to put an end to crucifixions. He did however reach out to anybody no matter their status in life to bring his message of love and hope. God Bless

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