Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Truth is A Person

The Truth is a person. Everybody at some point in their lives, and usually at several different points asks themselves these simple questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What am I going to do with my life? Is my life meaningful? This inquisition begins most of the time in adolescence when a young man or woman begins to develop a sense of personhood, that they are more than just their parents' child. Most people as they grow up begin to identify their self worth by their occupation or profession, how attractive they are, their sexual prowess, how much money they make, and their physical possessions. These are the identifiers by which the world measures human beings. A deficit in any of those of those identifiers and you will have a deficit in your self worth. The world will tell you that. Am I wrong here? Now if you choose to take another avenue in determining what is your self worth the world will tell you that it can't be true for there are no absolute truths. (My question to them is "Are you absolutely sure?) Many people live trapped in this world, believing that they have to be prettier, wealthier, have a bigger house, better clothes, a newer purse, a better body, a better boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, a better job, a more powerful position, and on and on. Why? Because the world has determined those identifiers that determine your self worth. The framework of this belief is so evident in high school adolescence. If you don't measure up you will be ostracized in some fashion or another, limited in the circle of friends, limited in your accessibility, or even worse considered an outcast, weird or whatever. Here is the secret to life and happiness: those things that the world says define you is a big lie! It is not necessary to stay on the conveyor belt of unhappiness, trapped in a world where for the most part you never measure up, or your never satisfied. If you are a slave to drugs, alcohol, pornography, the pursuit of money, the pursuit of sex, and if you don't measure up because of your physical limitations - your too short, too heavy, too ethnic, not good looking enough, or your wardrobe stinks, your car is too old, your house is too small, and you truly believe that "this is all there is". I've got great news for you. The Truth is you were never meant for such a tiny universe. The Truth is a Person. The Truth will set you free bringing you true joy, true satisfaction, true dignity, true love, true happiness. The Truth is a person . The Truth is Jesus Christ! "For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting." Let me warn you though. There are what I call "feel good" churches that will tell you "that you deserve to live abundantly" because that's what God wants. That is true but God's way is not man's way and this abundance that they speak of is strickly material abundance. Again this is limiting yourself, and for many a temporary fix. People will wander from church to church seeking the answer. They will become despondent that this miniature version of Christ is not much more than the world has to offer. Check out the Catholic Church, it offers the fullness of Truth. Founded by Christ, the deposit of Faith given to the Apostles has been transmitted from day to day, decade to decade, century to century. Jesus says the Truth will set you free, start living!

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