Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank You Lord

I accidentally ran over my cat. This actually happened a few weeks ago but I could not bear to tell my two daughters until after Christmas. I took care of this cat, fed and cared for it for over 18 years. Some friends of my daughter brought us a little black kitten on Friday night to give as a present. We watched it for about a half hour put it outside and it vanished. We searched everywhere in the foggy night to no avail. I got up Saturday morning early and resumed looking for him but again no luck. I was even more down and depressed about the fact that I just lost a kitten. As I was about to go to bed at about 11 pm that night who should show up at my door but the little sweetheart. It stayed the night and all day today. I had prayed that God would lead him back to me and He answered my prayers. So in honor of my happy little kitten I bring you the following. Enjoy!

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