Monday, January 26, 2009

What A Price We Pay

Jenny @ The Great Deception has a piece on that 22 year old San Diego woman who has auctioned off her virginity. I have been preaching for years on how the secular world has devalued the dignity of human beings for so long that it is the accepted belief."Catholicism as GK Chesterton points out is "the only thing that ever founded a civilization on first love, on the single and romantic view of sex; we have the only scheme that believes in chivalry; we alone serve both St. George and St. Valentine. We alone among the great religions of the world have a creed that interprets mystically these physical things; we alone believe in the resurrection of the body."
My other point is that we are producing testosterone deficit males today. Chivalry is long gone, men don't want to die for women, they want to be the low bidder for her services. Woman don't want be fought over and protected, they want to sell their services. That sale might not be in dollars but in many cases it is over nothing. Thank God for Jenny and more woman like her.

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