Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Death of the Innocents

C. S. Lewis described the infant Jesus as coming as a baby so that he could infiltrate enemy lines. He was "stealthy". Why would the King of Kings enter this world as a tiny, helpless infant?
In that act He is elevating humanity and confirming what every human being should know; that man 's dignity is present at the very moment of conception. John writes that " He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him." Chapter 1 Verse 10. Children are not born as abortionists. If you ask any five year old what's inside a pregnant mothers belly he will tell you a baby. Human beings are trained, educated, and duped into believing there is no baby inside. Like a magic trick or a shell game, its no longer there. You have trick your mind in order to kill somebody. The Nazi's could not consider Jews human beings, they stripped them of all human dignity, taking away their clothes, cutting their hair, numbering them, not allowing them to look into their eyes. Why do we have firing squads? One gun and one bullet should do the job. It is to erase the guilt by not being able to identify who did the actual killing. You have to trick yourself. The same people who have and support abortion also use birth control. What is it that they think they are controlling? They have to trick themselves. Even our newly elected president, the most pro abortion president in the history of the United States had to put on display this notion of not having the capacity to identify when life begins. His answers reveals his deception. He can't answer the question because he knows the truth.

January is Respect Life Month. The thought that we would have to select a month and called it that is ridiculous. Every month, every day, every minute, every second we should respect life. Abortionists know that it is life they are killing. They can't not know. They can trick themselves, but they can't not know."the world did not recognize him." The word recognize comes from Latin. Re (which means to come back, again, from which words like return, repeat, revision are also derived) and cogni (which means to know) so when we recognize something we are returning to something we already know. We need to shout as loud as we can and for as long as we can to get the abortionists to realize what they already know. Just ask any five year old.

This year has been designated the Year of Paul (actually it began last June) This month's issue of the Magnificat has a marvelous Litany of Ongoing Conversion. United in the mystery of the conversion of Paul, we pray for the grace of conversion in our own life:
R. Lord, Give me the Grace of Conversion
Lord Jesus,

When I look at my life from the starting point of my own insufficiences, instead of from the fact of your compassion, grace, and love for me. R.

When I would prefer to live by my own thoughts and my own understanding instead of by your Truth which alone can set me free. R.

When I would rather brood over what annoys me than turn myself over to you always invite me to come to you. R.

When I obsess over self-absorption, complacency, and self-assertiveness. R.

When I get dejected about my sin, not because it offends you, but because it prevents me from being able to take delight in myself. R.

There is much more to this Litany of Conversion and I will add a couple more each and every day. Those five above describe me to a "T" and remind me of my daily need for conversion.

God Bless - Today is the Feast day of Bl. Andre Bessette. He was a a member of the Brothers of the Holy Cross and had a great devotion to St. Joseph. I was taught by the Brothers of the Holy Cross.

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