Friday, January 2, 2009

The Real "Unborn"

A few days ago I mentioned that my lovely wife and I ventured off to the movie theater. See.... I mentioned the fact that it was a rare occasion since most movies today are one of two things. Unbelievable (not credible) action at a frantic pace, consisting of a hodge podge of story lines that barely make sense. The other type of movies is for idiots. Like many things in our current society young people have been cheated. Crap that poses as art, music that is repetitive drivel and very bad movies. Now, because I ventured out I managed to witness some trailers for upcoming movies. I am sure you have probably seen this one on television during our holiday season, "The Unborn" I thought our current president-elect should go see this movie and see whether he can go up a pay grade, but I digress. This movie with the by-line "Sometimes the soul of a dead person has been so tainted with evil that it is denied entrance to heaven." is not about what we true Catholics have been preaching about and marching for against the Culture of Death, that life exists in the womb and is sacred. No sir. Leave it to Hollywood to give us another "they are coming to get you movie" It is remarkable that they can recognize such things as souls, heaven, evil and unborn when conjuring up their ghost stories but when the curtain closes, we pro-lifers become the kooks and religious fanatics who seek to impose our beliefs on them. I wish the following movie would play at the local theater I am aware that this is video is disturbing but dam it it should be. It should disturb the hell out of you. This is a much scarier movie than anything Hollywood can put out. One final note here. Will Tom Hanks please do something more interesting than supporting all these kook beliefs of secret societies that purportedly exist within or from outside the Church? There are no secret societies within the Church and the enemies of Jesus Christ make no secrets about it. Hollywood knows that.

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