Sunday, January 18, 2009

On Discarding Things

The closer we move towards materialistic things, the further we move away from spiritual things. Material things of this world distract us from God, leaving us with less time invested in contemplating Him. It is unlikely we will truly get to know Him and how we envision Him will be further from the truth. This can lead to misrepresenting God, giving attributes to Him that are not His. It is like describing a place we've never been to. We are left to relying on how others have described it or maybe what we have learned from a book, but it is not the same as being there. Concurrently living a materialistic life lends itself to many opportunities for Satan to work on us. The trappings are in place for the immoral life especially if you are not governed by a virtuous heart. We as God's creation, begin our journey to spiritual life by subtracting things that pull us in an opposite direction. It is imperative that we allow the time to contemplate Him and use the graces He bestows us to deepen our awareness. In order to answer the questions you yearn to know, you must first ask them. Simplify your life by decreasing your attachments to material things if just by a little at first, find a moment or two each day for prayer and contemplation, cultivate a spiritual life and Our Lord who desires your love will come to you.

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