Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Archbishop Dolan Calls It Like It Is

Archbishop Timothy Dolan is a true shepherd. His zeal for Christ and his enthusiasm, wit, intellect and love for people, is an example for all Bishops. The fact that he took on The New York times and the pathetic anti-Catholic Maureen Dowd make my heart leap for joy.

I have commented many times that anybody who would even consider Maureen Dowd as a) a being with an ounce intelligence b) a writer who ever used an argument based on logic and actual facts c) as a person who has any clue of what Catholicism is, is a fool to begin with. Ms Dowd has talked about how her siblings are all happily married Christians with beautiful families, and enjoying life. She is a celebrity elitist who is bitter, and pathetic, sad, and searching for what she will never have, and her life has been reduced to spewing hatred and demeaning people. I have read her columns and I don't get it. She is an intellectual midget, has no philosophical insight, her writings are cute little diatribes either licking the boots of the likes of the Clintons, and Obama or for the past eight years her daily rant about how Bush was either Hitler, Satan, an imbecile, blah, blah, blah... She is perfect for a world that hands out a nobel peace prize for doing nothing; empty, no depth of thought, always complaining about everybody, can't see the lumber that is wedged in her own eyes.

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