Sunday, November 8, 2009

Man Exists for God

Man exists for God, not the other way around. To contemplate God is to travel to a height that in many ways is beyond human comprehension. God has revealed truths about Himself. First, we human beings have been created in his image and likeness. God is being, pure spirit, of no substance, He is one, not divisible, nothing can be taken away in that sense and nothing can be added. God is omnipotent, there is nothing he is incapable of doing. God is omnipresent, he is everywhere. God is everlasting, he is not bound by time, he always existed, and will always exist. God is wisdom, in fact all wisdom emanates from him. Any scientific discovery, or new knowledge that man encounters God already knows. Since God is being, all things emanate from him. All things exist by virtue of him, from material objects, to spiritual beings, to even your thoughts. You are thinking about what is read here because of God. Man needs to pay attention to exactly who God is. Modern man (post-enlightenment) has been diminishing God, trying attribute finite human qualities to him. God is infinite, cannot be limited to whatever man desires him to be. Man needs to pay attention. Modern man has tried to cover God up with a large blanket, suggesting that he doses not exist, God cannot be covered up. He won't however, force man to believe, he so loves his creation that he leaves it up to them. Man needs to pay attention to God. God does not exist for man. God is not a drug or a medicine that one takes to alleviate pain, although he will be with you during your most trying times, for he is with you always. He is not an ATM machine that you stick your card in and take out what you need. He is not disposable, he is not there for your exclusive use for a specific situation, only to be shelved for later use, he is not magical. He is mysterious. Our job to some extent is to discover what that mystery is. Man needs to pay attention to who God is. God does not need man. God does not need man's worship. Man needs man's worship. Man's worship of God is not for man's pleasure, entertainment, or any other benefit. The point of man's worship is to return to God, to give back himself to God by whom he was created and by whom all things emanate from. Man needs to pay attention to who God is. God is not about love, like a lovable person, or a romantic love story, or a feel good story. God is love. God's love is like everything about him, boundless, unlimited, unfathomable in its depth. Man needs to pay attention to God. God has asked us,(he never forces us) to do two things that are intertwined: to love Him with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Through those two actions man perfects himself, in essence man's being becomes like God. God does not exist for man, but God has made a promise to man, a promise that man can enter the divine, that his creation can return to him, far beyond this finite world. That is what he desires, that is the reason man exists for God.

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